International Festival Competition

"Crimean Star"

October, 5th-8th 2017, Sevastopol
Grand Prix is
1 000 000 rubles
(equivalent of 18 000 USD)

It is open to participants of all nationalities with NO an age limit.

Performance categories include

  1. vocal
  2. instrumental music
  3. dance
  4. theater
  5. arts
  6. crafts
  7. debut
This is your chance

to shine and share your talents with the wide audience and a panel of highly qualified, competent judges.

You are welcome to be an invaluable part of beauty and diversity celebrated in Crimea!

Festival –Competition in open to art groups and soloists from Russia and any other countries of the world. There is no age limit.

Professional teachers/instructors can enter any competition category, provided they state their PRO status in the application form.

Participants of the festival are grouped depending on their age range. Competition is held among age group members.

Competition performances are judged based on qualifying, not competitive criteria.

The founders of the International Festival Competition "Crimean Star"

Philharmonic of Vocal Art (Sevastopol)

Russian club of folk musicians of Central House of Artists (Moscow)

Supported by
Russian concert quartet ''Skaz''(Moscow)

State autonomous institution Sevastopol Culture "Concert Agency of Arts and Culture"

Sevastopol State public cultural institution ''Cultural Complex ''Korabel''

Informational partner
What are the goals?
  • Establishment and expansion of cultural ties between countries;
  • Popularisation of culture, ideas of humanism and the succession of generations through a comprehensive creative development of the personality;
  • Preservation and development of national cultures, celebration of diversity and respect for the historical heritage and cultural values around the world;
  • Professional development and training of managers of creative groups;
  • Exchange of experience and achievements in the field of theatrical art from different theatre schools and national traditions;
  • Sophistication of artistic taste and introduction of young artists to the best samples of culture and art;
  • Building up networking , creative communication and friendly relations between the teams and between the leaders of the groups education of artistic taste and inclusion of young artists to the best samples of culture and art;
  • Identifying talented young performers/artists and supporting their creative growth;
  • promotion and development of children, youth and adult creativity;
  • Celebrating the atmosphere of creative holiday.
Organizing Committee

Sevastopol +7(978) 79 808 43
Moskau +7(915) 49 881 50

Age categories:

Up to 8 years old;
9 to 10 years;
11 to 12 years;
13 to 15 years;
16 to 18 years;
Over 18 years;
Mixed groups.

  • Classic,
  • Folk (folklore)
  • Pop, jazz,
  • Choral,
  • Show group
  • Composers, Author's song
  • (Solo, duets, trios, ensembles, chorus).
  • Instrumental music:
  • Classic,
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • jazz,
  • Accompaniment,
  • Teacher-soloist
  • Composers
  • (Solo on various instruments of ensembles, orchestras).
  • Folk dance,
  • Stylized folk dance,
  • Pop Dance,
  • Modern dance,
  • Modern,
  • Jazz Modern,
  • Free plastic,
  • Brake dance,
  • Children's dance,
  • Ballroom dancing and sports ballroom dance ,
  • Classical dance
  • (Solo, duets, small forms and ensembles)
  • Miniatures
  • Excerpts from operas,
  • Excerpts from the performances,
  • Excerpts from musicals,
  • Excerpts from the ballet,
  • Declamation,
  • Musical Theatre
  • Painting,
  • Graphic arts,
  • Photo art.
  • Small interior sculpture,
  • Academic sculpture,
  • Jewelry Art,
  • Sculptural and jewelry techniques: plastic, metal grooved, hand-forged elements, casting, chasing,
  • Bone carving,
  • Pottery,
  • Graphic design
  • Batik cold and hot,
  • Free painting,
  • Printed cloth and printing,
  • Tapestry,
  • Collage,
  • Quilt,
  • Artistic felting,
  • Textile dolls,
  • Handmade paper,
  • Linocut,
  • Lithography,
  • woodcut,
  • Etching,
  • Copperplate print, and others.
Age range: 4 to 8 years old.

One performance must be 2-3 minutes max.
Groups cannot have more than 30% of participants younger/older than the specified group age.
For example, in a group entering a 9-10 y.o. competition, only up to 30% of the participants can be under 9 years or over 10 years old.

Technical equipment
Participants can perform along with live music or a minus soundtrack ( they must have it on a memory stick in MP3 or Wav).

A panel of highly qualified, competent judges includes well-known artists, teachers of art schools, directors, heads of creative collectives, figures of culture and art , who are approved by the organizing committee of the competition. The jury's decision is final and non-negotiable.
Program of performances
Every group's/ soloist's program must include two performances ( total duration up to 8 minutes).

In the "Theater" category performances can be:
an excerpt from the stage play ( up to 10 minutes),an opera scene (up to 20 minutes).

Soloists and duets (in the "Pop Vocal" and "Dance" categories) give1 or 2 diverse performances( total up to 7 minutes).
Soloists and duets in the "Instrumental music" and "Theater" categories are limited to one or two diverse performances(up to 7 minutes).

Time limits are strict. In case of breaking them, contestants can be dismissed from the competition.

Competition in the
"Art" and "Crafts" categories will be held in exhibition format. One entry allows for 2 to 4 pieces of work up to 50x70cm.
All group/solo participants of the festival-contest are awarded with trophy cups.

In each category and age group participants will be awarded the title
of Laureate ( I, II, III degrees), and Winner( I, II III degrees).

The I degree Laureate with the highest number of jury votes will be awarded the Grand Prix and a cash prize of 1 000.000 rubles.

Special diplomas and titles are:

"The best choreographer", "Best Musical", "Award for Artistic impression", "Diploma for the youngest participant", "The best teacher", "For the preservation of national cultural traditions"
Financial terms and conditions
Accommodation and meals, two way tickets are paid for by the participants.

If necessary, an accompanist is provided to the participants at the cost of 1000 rubles (rehearsal and performance at the competition).

The registration fee for foreign participants is
For soloist or a participant in the category "Art" and "Crafts"
- 5500 rubles (100 dollars USA);

Duet - 4500 rubles for each participant;

Trio - 4000 rubles for each participant;

Ensemble (4 to 11 persons) - 3000 rubles for each participant;

Сhoirs and orchestras (from 12 people) - 2000 rubles for each participant
To register for participation you should
1. Send the Application of the team (soloist) until August 28, 2017 to the email address:

2. Pay the fee (deadline September 1, 2017).

3. The day after receiving your application, organizing committee will send you the registration fee payment details. Alternatively, you may use the payment form from our site.
The organizing committee has the right to terminate the registration before the deadline in case of too many applications.
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